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The Journey Starts From Within

Starting your journey

Sometimes, It's Hard To Believe In Yourself, By Yourself

Have you heard the whispers from within... "This is not who you are or why you're here in physical form." If so, your journey has already started, whether you realize it or not. 


Maybe you've begun to emerge from familial and social conditioning. Where you once seemed to fit in, you now feel strange and out of place. The distractions that kept you asleep or numb to your intended life purpose seem insane and unsatisfying.  

In both cases, we're at a most critical crossroads in life. Our sense of being is disoriented, and the journey to clarity and confidence can prove to be distressing and intimidating.  

I AM light and energy… The Sacred Expressive Life Force™ of the Ancestors who broke their mental chains, freed their voices, and brought healing to the world.

Their hopes summoned me here — You sanctioned me for that purpose. I AM their legacy… but I AM Your crown.
~Dr. Pennie Murray – My Freedom Song

Collaborative Healing—Not Codependency;
Accountability—Not Avoidance

At a time of our most critical crossroads, we need support and guidance. But, even then, the journey can still be long and emotionally strenuous. To lessen the stress... we need to spend more time becoming Self-observant and compassionate with our process. This can also be challenging if done in an unsupportive, judgmental, or inexperienced environment in your growth path.


Yet going it alone can leave us susceptible to self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. As a spiritual practitioner and teacher, my life’s work is to ensure you achieve your life’s work. More importantly, I provide tools and guidance for you to learn the power of giving your SELF permission at your own pace and on your terms.

Since I don’t believe any of us need fixing, my job is to hold a safe space for you to be transparent with your conscious Self so self-reconciliation, healing, and the embodiment of Divine ONENESS can occur in an emotionally healthy way.


So, no matter the stage of your journey or level of your awareness, my "calling" is to help you uncover the ego resistances that may be clogging the flow of your sacred life force.

"If you don't bring forth what is within you, it will impair you. But bring forth what is within you—it will embolden and save you." ~The Way of Mastery 

Are you Ready to Assert your True SELF?

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