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Cultural INner Wellness &
Enlightenment Oasis

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Healing the OUCH! within the
African American Community 


A sacred space to learn, discover, grow, and be supported through our unique journey toward inner wellness. We provide culturally specific holistic services, workshops, and events to help us rediscover, heal, reconnect, and liberate our Sacred Expressive Life Force (SELF). We also feature African-American mind/body/spirit products to cleanse and maintain our space of being IN-Wellness.


The Learning Spa: Cultural INner Wellness & Enlightenment Oasis focuses on healing the "OUCH" within the African American community. We're committed to restoring self-trust to the thousands of African Americans who struggle with a mindset of inferiority indoctrinated through centuries of racial discrimination.


Our goal is NOT to abolish fears but instead convert them into energy that will help us manifest the highest good for ourselves and others. The Learning Spa: Cultural INner Wellness & Enlightenment Oasis provides a safe space to share and learn diverse holistic wellness practices without judgment. We're dedicated to rediscovering and reconnecting with the divine power of giving our Sacred Expressive Life Force (SELF)permission to reveal our most authentic life's gifts and purpose. 


Healing the OUCH! Within

The OUCH!  is the despair and inner turmoil we experience. It indicates a separation from our connection to the Divine ONENESS. This happens when the trials and tribulations of life cause us to sever from and forget our SELF  and our innate identity as Pure Spirit.  

The phrase "Healing the "OUCH" within" is not meant to minimize the historical, psychological wounds and damaging residue inflicted on the psyche of the African American community. Instead, it's a nurturing phrase that dignifies the tremendous depth of our historical scars, allowing us to honor and minister to those wounds and scars with compassion and grace. 

In the sanctity of The Learning Spa, you'll discover the importance of giving your Sacred Expressive Life Force (SELF) permission to be revealed as Divine Oneness intended. Through this practice, you'll be empowered to speak your truth and create a holistic transformation in your life and the world around you.

You can help support this outreach effort with a one-time gift or an ongoing commitment. Your generous contribution is key to our expanded vision and growth of inner wellness in the African American community. We can make The Learning Spa: Cultural INner Wellness & Enlightenment Oasis a reality through your generosity.


You can donate via: 

Cash App: $DrPennieMurray OR Venmo:@PennieMurrayPhD

We Appreciate Your Support!

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