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The Journey Starts From Within

toward your

Sacred Expressive Life Force

Are You Resisting Your Truth?

It cannot be emphasized enough! We are ALL called to heal, expand, or enrich the world around us in some way. Yet, many of us remain content to masquerade in a more "socially acceptable" or a weaker version of ourselvesdriven by fear and self-doubt.


We are here on purpose, for a purpose.
Your manifest destiny is inevitable and necessary for the healing of the world.
It's time to set your
SELF free! 

I was asked this question several times after the release of my bookand yet, no answer I gave seemed sufficient enough to articulate the greater depth of the well-known phrase “Giving myself permission.” So finally, frustrated with my inability to answer this question meaningfully, I turned to my spirit guides and was propelled on a journey that redefined the phrase and clarified my “spiritual calling.”

My spirit guides altered this common phrase by placing the emphasis differently“Giving my SELF permission.” They further defined the significance of SELF, revealing an awareness I had never considered. Reframing the phrase gave this personal assertion greater depth and power than many are aware of and even more are afraid of.


Exploring the question “Giving My Sacred Expressive Life Force™ (SELF) Permission To Do What?” will change the focus and path of your life.

Giving Myself  Permission to Do What?

The Health of Your Inner Being Determines the Quality of Your Life!

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Rediscovering our sacred energy and who we are meant to be isn't the actual work. The REAL work is giving your SELF permission to express Its truth. And that means tapping into our internal energy source. 


Every particle of our being is pure energy, which transmits at a distinct frequency and power source. Every thought, action, and experience we engage in (positive or negative) influences and impacts the frequency and signal our energy source receivesultimately affecting our quality of life.


That energy source stored within our body reveals itself through what is known as our Aura—a vibrational color signature that reflects our inner temperament. If we fail to keep our internal frequency clear, we negatively impact our quality of life, the life of others, and the environment around us. 

Healing the OUCH! Within

The journey of learning to reconnect with the power to give your SELF permission is not about "fixing" you... there is NOTHING wrong with YOU! But we do need to minister to and nurture the OUCH! (our sense of separation from Divine ONENESS) within. 


It's about unlearning the inherited weaknesses and learned inhibitions of ego resistance that imprisons your creativity, voice, and life force. We begin the path to wakefulness and healing with the AURA process. 

This is NOT a one-time task; it's a JOURNEY that takes time and practice.


“To your own Self, speak the truth.”


Acknowledge. Own up to our self-imposed barriers, unrealistic expectations, illusions, and psychological resistance that frustrates and sabotages our quality of life. Then remembering, we call every situation into our experience. 


“Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, and then feel the answer.”


Untangle. This is the practice of unpacking, sorting out, reevaluating, and letting go. First, we weigh the value and usefulness of our belief system, patterns of behavior, or a life narrative that no longer enriches and expands our SELF. And then we let go of it. 


“We have a remarkable ability to sense what is the right course of action to take, yet an uncanny ability to ignore it.” ~Rita Schiano  

Reconciliation. Holistic acts of self-forgiveness heal in a way that speaks truth to our “fragile ego’s alternate realities” (FEAR) and opens us up to experiences that expand our quality of life. Our highest Self-work is forgiving our past.


“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition; they somehow already know what you truly want to become.”
~Steve Jobs

Alignment. We shift our ego Self toward an elevated state of purpose and give our divine SELF permission to reveal and expand our higher quality of life.

 You, your journey, and your intended life's purpose are unique. How can we help you better clarify and honor your unique blueprint? 

I Invite You to Test the Water

Join me for this one-hour introductory virtual session on learning the Power of Giving My SELF Permission. In this session, I explain aspects of the philosophy and bring sections of the book to life by answering your questions and sharing a more personal perspective on topics such as:

  • The comfort zone myth: Our romance with mediocrity, tolerable miseries, and illusions. 

  • Our language of resistance toward success and our fluency in speaking it.

  • The internal battle between what our SELF wants to reveal and what our ego says we deserve.  

  • Why we are the most intimate and sacred catalyst for profound, meaningful changes in your life and the lives of others—and so much more!!

Take a Peak at My FREE Introductory Webinar (a $150 value)


Here's What Others Have Said


I have had the pleasure of receiving encouragement and guidance from Dr. Murray for many years through her teaching and clarity sessions. Having unlimited access to her knowledge, direction, and compassion for me to be successful in life is a blessing. I have been through trials and tribulations that I wouldn’t wish for anyone. However, Dr. Murray has been my beacon of light that has guided me to the shores of sanity, peace, and greater hope. Thanks for sharing your spiritual beauty and wonderful strength.

Sheila F. Kansas City, MO

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