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Sacred Expressive Life Force

Foundation & Principles

Our Mission Statement

We are devoted to healing the OUCH! within... releasing the flow of our Sacred Expressive Life Force (SELF) and giving “It” permission to reveal our life’s divine truth.

The Foundation of Our Work

Giving our Sacred Expressive Life Force (SELF) permission to reveal our life’s divine truth is not instinctive for most. We have been programmed to suppress and diminish our genius or genuine SELF.  Our goal is to help you convert that programming into energy that fuels your highest quality of life. 


The foundational principles and process of learning to give your Sacred Expressive Life Force permission are powerful, practical, and easy-to-learn approaches derived from a blend of methodologies and techniques derived from behavioral psychology, metaphysics; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); Eastern and Western spiritual practices; divination tools, human success motivation, and my own journey in learning to Give My SELF Permission to reveal my life's truth.

Core Terminologies 

Assert your Sacred Expressive Life Force (SELF)

We're Here to take the world further than you found it. 

SELF: is an acronym for Sacred Expressive Life Force. It is the inner channel or pathway through which the wisdom and guidance of our ancestors and Divine ONENESS are conveyed to ensure our life’s intended purpose is manifested. 

Giving My SELF  Permission: acknowledges the presence of our sacred inner SELF  and is a deliberate declaration of our intention to let our Sacred Expressive Life Force be seen, heard, and felt authentically through us, unobstructed by the fragility of our ego consciousness. Simply put, we are the physical embodiment of Divine ONENESS, expressing divine intention and outcomes in the tangible.

Divine ONENESS refers to all the sacred celestial energy available in and around us on this physical plane— Mother/Father/Brother God, spirit guides, angels, ancestors, and other vibrational energies of the universe.


Resource: Murray, P.L. (2010). Giving My SELF Permission: Putting Fear and Doubt in Their Place ▪ Oak Point, Texas ▪ GMP Publishing

Releasing One Divine Purpose at a Time

You have absolute authority to either suppress the divine power of your Sacred Expressive Life Force or you can release it. You can reconnect with your life's truth and rediscover your intended purpose, or you can continue to resist it. 

Change the Narrative!

The phrase “I’m giving myself permission…” is used a lot in our society. Yet, while the term is quite common, the power behind this assertion has never been seriously considered or explored.


Whether we realize it or not, everything that occurs in our life results from our consent—either by avoidance, acceptance, or permission. Changing our quality of life requires our consent, too. That means asserting the inherent power of giving our Sacred Expressive Life Force permission to think, create, and speak our life’s truth.

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Giving your SELF permission is the prerequisite for CHANGING YOUR LIFE’S NARRATIVE!

We know The Path to Success is Scarier than FAILURE

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This journey called life moves back and forth along a continuum between experiences of exhilaration and despair. Most of us are quite familiar with the emotional side of failure, mediocrity, and the survival mentality. What we are NOT familiar with is the emotional side of success.

Yes! This unfamiliar path is scary. But our workshops and coaching sessions can help you regain inner trust and learn to give your inner compassyour Sacred Expressive Life Force permission to guide you along your inherent soul path. Learning to tap into your inner compass enables you to... 

  • Engage in Self-Supportive and Self-Affirming Behaviors: These are actions and habits that reinforce your self-worth and self-respect that ultimately honor your sacred life force.

  • Regard Yourself and Inner Well-being with Respect: Appreciating your life with the same reverence and compassion you offer others is essential to avoiding feelings of abandonment.

  • Cultivate Inner Peace and Stability: Valuing your own opinions and self-approval gives you a greater sense of peace and inner stability because it roots your identity in your own perspectives and feelings rather than external validation.

  • Rewrite a Positive and Empowering Personal Narrative: Only YOU can redefine how you see yourself. Move from negative self-perceptions to a narrative that celebrates and acknowledges your strengths and worth.

  • Embrace, Appreciate, and Nurture Your Unique Gifts, Talents, and Voice: Recognizing and valuing your unique qualities is fundamental to asserting your Sacred Expressive Life Force™. It’s about embracing and internalizing what makes you significant to the world.

  • Identify and Overcome Self-imposed Limitations: Identifying self-imposed barriers rooted in a ‘Fragile Ego’ allows you to confront and push past the fears that suppress self-realization and inner wellness.

  • Balance Supporting Others with Self-Care and Self-Respect: This balance ensures you are not losing your sense of self—maintaining your identity and boundaries while being compassionate towards others.

  • Realign with Your Sacred Expressive Life Force and Authentic Life Path: You were created to create. As a creator, you must connect deeply with your innermost BEing to ensure that your life reflects your spiritual genius.

Silencing our voice and repressing our natural power, we force our SELF into an unhealthy masquerade—content with mediocrity. The consequence is an oppressed quality of life. Take the limits off your life—join me and others on this learning journey to give your SELF permission to think, create, and speak our life’s truth

The scariest journey is within... but we're here to help you!

My Environment Is Not My Limit... I Am.

Learning to give our Sacred Expressive Life Force (SELF) permission consists of a simple yet not-so-easy holistic paradigm shift that helps us revise the verbal and non-verbal language that leads to victim thinking and ego resistance. This holistic shift includes dismantling, evaluating, clearing, and then realigning and trusting our connectivity with Divine ONENESS.

The opportunity to feel the innate power within again is possible... 

Your journey begins when you hear the subtle whispers, "This is not who I am or why I'm here in physical form.  

It's about Alchemizing the negative

Right now, you may not feel strong enough, good enough, or called to a greater purpose. Maybe you even believe you’re spiritually blocked or empty. But our journey together will prove there’s more to you than your ego-self wants to admit. More accuratelythat your ego-self is fearful of.  


We are genuine Spirit, radiant rays of light from the mind of Godwe are consciousness, awareness, and intelligence Itself. We are the expression of endless creativity and potential. But our ego-self has been conditioned to believe we’re nothing more than the opinions, judgments, and expectations of others. 

The resolve for many spiritual and inner-wellness practitioners is to silence our ego. Our goal is not to shut the ego down but to help you alchemize it and all of its influences in a way that fuels your highest quality of life. But your life needs YOUR permission to reveal its intended truth. 


Doing the work to expand our emotional and mental capacity to give our Sacred Expressive Life Force (SELF) permission doesn’t require a lot of physical labor. Instead, it focuses on clearing the energetic flow of our inner temperament by recognizing and remove our self-imposed barriers. 

When our intuitive energies are free-flowing... trust in our SELF is restored.

Do you want more clarity about your life's roadmap?

Then schedule an Advanced Clarity & Intention Session with me. Together with spiritual and psychological introspection, we map out and clarify your unique journey. A personal Oracle reading is also included, so you're more confident releasing your divine purpose.

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