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Sacred Expressive Life Force Quest

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Healing the OUCH! within the Black community by Advocating the Power of giving Our SELF permission to Speak Truth to FEAR 

Straight Vibes No Chaser (SVNC) focuses on discussions that challenge the many myths, belief systems, and fears (Fragile Ego's Alternate Reality) that cause us to betray or resist the voice of our Sacred Expressive Life Force (SELF). There's no nice girly dialog here, just frank talk and provocative topics that focus on exploring the self-imposed barriers we create as individuals and as a community. 

We've been taught to distrust the voice of our SELF. When we don't trust the divine wisdom and knowledge that comes from within us, we give others the power to tell us what our truth is. It's time to take ownership of our narrative and our healing.

With your host:  Dr. Pennie Murray

Image by Vika Strawberrika

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You’re familiar with setbacks, lack, disappointment, worry, and mediocrity.

Now learn to expand your capacity for success by regaining the power of giving your SELF Permission.

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